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Water fountain at 1/2 sec Water fountain at 1 sec Water fountain at 2 sec (best result?) Water fountain at 10 sec (ack) Water fountain at 20 sec (looks like day)

Statue at exposure 1 Statue at exposure 2 These christmas lights look pretty cool? These look even brighter Looks like a place to meditate or summon magic...

Boring - same picture but more light SOOO dark I can't see! What the - why's there a chunk missing in the water? FIREWORKS! AHHH my eyes are so bad...

Better...but... Tree....sprialing Ugh More water fountain Again....

I see lights SIGH It's a leaf looking at the sky Looking through... ...the

Is this a water fountain...or a light bulb? This was SUPPOSED to be a car moving across...grrrr WOW that looks..NICE SO BRIGHt...that was just before the atomic bomb hit me

I'm trying to be like a writer...hahaha I'm thinking, I'm thinking... UGH I hate this class

X-Files.... I'm getting ready to hang some people... Just tying my darn shoes!