When you ask a math question, I would like you to use the following criteria to type out certain functions and numbers.

Fractions: If you type a fraction, such as one-half, please do it in this form: (1/2) with the parentheses. It will make it much clearer. If you have a complex problem, such as the following:


Please post it using more parentheses: [(1/2)+(4/3)]/[(6/7)+(8/9)]. Or you can type it out like in the original problem, but please be sure it looks clear.

Exponents: Exponents, such as x2 or 52 or x3 should be typed like this:

x2 = x^2
52 = 5^2
x3 = x^3

Use the "^" symbol, which is on the number 6 key.

Multiplication: The small "x" is what I want to be used for the multiply symbol.

Square roots and radicals: If you have something like , I want you to make it look like the following:

= sqrt 5 or 5^(1/2)*
= x^(1/2)
= 5^(1/2)
= x^(1/3)


Derivatives: f(x), f'(x), y, y', d/dx, (d/dx), etc. You should be able to type out the symbol so that I understand.

Integrals: Replace that squiggly line with a "Int". Look at the examples below:

= Int (x^2, 5, 6) --> This means integrate x^2 from 5 to 6. So the formula is: Int (equation, lower, upper)

Inverse Sine, Cosine, Tangent, etc: Use either arcsin (x) or (sin x)^-1. I think arcsin (x) would be the better choice.

*Don't worry if you don't know what 5^(1/2) means.