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Personal Statement Outline


-         No father

o       How mother conveyed the story

§         Never talked to me much about it…

§         No relatives helped out my mom – only herself in the world

§         Her friend took my mom to the hospital and then went home, so my mom was alone in the hospital

o       Situation, how I coped

§         Never knew what it was like

§         Saw on TV dad played with kid

·        Never had anything like that

o       Uncle was like a father to me

§         Helped me when I was little

·        Taught me math

·        Gave me a goal to strive for

·        Helped me in everything

§         Helped me up to now, is still helping

§         Gave me more than anyone, even though he is not my dad

·        Makes me feel as if I do not need a dad, he is like a dad to me

§         Helped me become here

-         My mom has nobody to support her

o       When I was little, she cannot go to school because she must take care of me

o       Nobody else to help her

o       Works very little

o       Tries very hard to help me

-         English – have no one to help me

o       Had to go extra hour when was little

o       Now taking the hardest class [probably better to leave out]